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No Cost to List! Place ads for free for items such as used boats for sale in Missouri and much more!

It's true - you won't pay a cent for selling items through our Missouri classifieds. Feel free to list as many items as you like!

Whether you are in individual or a business, you can list items such as used boats. Missouri is a place where a lot of people are looking to sell used water-related equipment and many other items for their households, computers, garages, etc. This is an ideal place to list all your used or new items, whether you are located in the northern section of the state such as St. Joseph, Maryville, Columbia or Macon or if you are the southern half of the state such as Farmington, Branson, Rolla or St. Louis.

It's a simple process.

First you need to register in order to create an account. Only your name, email and password are needed to get started.

Next: Click on the 'Publish your ad' button. You can find this at the top and bottom of the categories page.

Decide which category is the best one for your item and enter a title, description and price. Think carefully about what category other people might look for your item in. A helpful hint: if you are selling something such as a used boat, be sure to also list the brand and model as well as the size and condition of the item. The more details you can include the more clear it will be to a buyer and it may also save you a lot of time because then you won't have to contact you to ask you for details that you can easily include in the ad at the time you are writing it. Include as much relevant information as you can.

Upload photos: multiple photo uploads are also free and we strongly recommend including visuals because people want to see exactly what you are selling.

Next confirm that Missouri is the state and then pick the city you are located in. This will help buyers know if they are near you. In the field called 'City Area', you have the option of including more details about where you are located, such as NW, NE, SW, SE, Central, etc. Your address is completely optional.

Click on the 'Publish' button to finish the process.