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Upload photos with your ads for free such as for used campers for sale in Missouri and others.

This classifieds is absolutely free to buy and sell, and in addition, there is no cost at all to upload photos! Whether you are interested in selling things such as used kitchen furniture, books, clothing or used campers in Missouri, having photos included with your ads is incredibly important. You know the old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words", well this is very true when you are trying to describe something that you want to sell.

Nowadays with more and more cell phones having great cameras on them, it's easy to upload quality photos along with your ads.

1. Lighting: Whether you are outside under the sun or inside your home under light bulbs, make sure you take your photos under good light conditions. If the light is too low, use the flash on your camera or phone. Poor lighting makes it hard to see details of the camper or other items you are listing, and buyers might even potentially think it is a reflection of how much care (or how little care) you took of your item. If you couldn't take the time to take a proper photo, they might think you are also lacking in the care of your item over the years.

2. If you have the time, it is very helpful to include several different angles of the item when taking your photos. You might think that the front of your used camper (or other item) is easiest and best to take photos of, but side and back angle shots are also important so buyers can see all aspects of it. Being upfront and transparent about the condition of the item will help everyone save time so that no one travels to see it only to turn around and walk away.

3. The size of the file you are uploading is limited to 1 MB, so check the size of your images and resize them before uploading. If you don't know how to resize your photos, you can go to websites like on which you can resize quite easily following the instructions they provide.